The buyer’s agent and the buyer will sign an engagement contract that states that the buyer will work exclusively with their agent. Real estate agents require buyers to sign a Buyer / Agent Agreement. The explanation is simple: if a buyer works with 3 different agents, each agent will be doing their best to serve the buyer, but only one will ultimately receive compensation. The agreement is to guarantee compensation for the agent’s efforts. In the same way that one would not have 3 different plumbers working for him, but would only pay for the work of one. If your agent is doing his job, you will only need one! If they are not, discuss it with him and end the agreement if it does not improve. It is not fair for an agent to serve a buyer who is working with other agents without their knowledge. The Buyer / Agent Agreement is good practice; However, it must be recognized that a relationship of trust exists or does not exist. A relationship is not about a sheet of paper that legally binds a buyer and an agent. A relationship is about a mutually beneficial interaction based on integrity and respect. If for any reason our relationship does not meet your expectations, please notify me immediately and we will make appropriate adjustments without delay.

I think it is imperative that buyers have agent representation. It is such a major purchase and it is too risky to make it alone or solely under the representation of the seller’s agent (who is not really working in the seller’s interests!) Please note that buyer’s agent services are FREE for buyers. It’s smart to have someone by your side and makes the process fair. You should select a buyer agent with whom you are most comfortable. Someone who is a good listener, responsible, asks important questions, has good suggestions, and shows you properties that meet your specifications. Someone who is committed to you and invests all the time necessary for you to find the right home for you. They are not someone to bother if they have already seen 10 houses and have not chosen one yet. Find someone who is patient, responsive, and hardworking.

I would love to be that agent!

My commitment is to find you the best house in the best location at the best price