What is the price of this service?

If you are a buyer, you generally will not have to pay for your agent’s services. All agents involved in a transaction are generally paid by the seller from the results of the sale. The seller agrees to pay their agent a certain amount of commission and the seller’s agent agrees to pay a portion of that (usually half) to the buyer’s agent. Therefore, the seller will pay his agent the commission funds anyway, regardless of whether there is an agent on the Buyer’s side or not. Therefore, in almost all real estate sales, there is no cost to the buyer to have at their disposal a buyer’s agent service like the one I offer. In the event that the buyer purchases a property that is for sale directly by an individual, the commission can be negotiated with the seller or the buyer can choose to pay their agent’s fees. So what if you can have an experienced professional by your side for free? Why not work in such an interesting way?

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