Services provided to buyers

I am available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I adapt to your schedule.

I ask questions to assess your personal needs and wishes regarding the purchase of your new home. I ask you about what level of communication you want to be transmitted and to what degree you would like to participate during the process. I identify your concerns so I can address and resolve them in advance. I have an online buyer’s online form at the bottom of the site to make information gathering even easier (Let me help you find your home!).

I am going to work very hard to find properties that meet your criteria. I usually send photos and files of the houses to clients by WhatsApp, but I can provide them in other formats if you prefer.

 When properties that are of interest to you are selected, I coordinate with the seller the appointments to be able to visit the houses, according to the available hours set by the buyer. As we visit properties, I can identify potential housing-related problems or discomforts, as well as positives. I like that buyers are honest with me about what they like or don’t like about homes so that I can further tailor your search if we don’t find something they like initially.

Structuring the offer to best suit your needs, taking into account what the seller wants, can mean the difference between getting the home you want or not. For example, if the seller wants to stay in the house for a month after closing, I might suggest adding that to our offer, but possibly changing other things in your favor. Show sellers that they matter and that you don’t just blindly fax them an offer. This can also mean the difference between getting a big buy or paying too much.

I know the local market well. I study it carefully and know the value of zones for buyers who want to buy a new home in a certain zone. I also do a comparison research of recent sales in the area to show you how the market is in that area and that helps to make an effective purchase offer. Oftentimes it is this extra advantage that makes the difference. Curious about the appreciation of a particular neighborhood? Or how does an investment in a home belonging to a community of owners or an individual home compare? I can provide all this information.

When you are ready to make an offer on a particular home, I will draft the Purchase and Sale Agreement, and advise you on customary practices and local regulations. I can also write any special clause you want (eg you need the seller to repair a broken window, or pay for some other detail, etc.). You can’t imagine how many times I saw sellers ‘agents write contracts that were detrimental to the buyers’ interests.

If possible, I will personally deliver all offers to the seller or their agent. This gives it a personal touch and allows you to humanize the management of the contract.

 There are certain things I can advise you to do to improve the chances that your offer will be the winner in a competitive bidding situation where there is more than one interested in buying.

After submitting your offer to the agent and seller, the seller has three options: they can accept your offer, counter-offer, or reject it. My negotiation skills, experience and knowledge of your needs will benefit you in reaching a satisfactory final agreement.

When all parties accept and sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement, a bank account of the agency that acts as the trust is used. The trust will receive, hold, and disburse all funds associated with the transaction. I will prepare the final paperwork with the attorneys to go to the notary and sign and record the purchase / sale. Throughout the process, I will be in close communication with all parties to make sure everything is progressing smoothly and to provide the attorneys with the documentation they need.

I will be able to support you if required in obtaining financing, appraisal, inspections and any other contingency to which the purchase is subject. The most common contingencies are usually: loan approval (including property appraisal), property inspections and possible subsequent repairs if necessary and request continued. I will manage all these activities to make sure they are carried out in a timely manner and I will inform you with each step of the process.

 On the day of the signature at the notary’s office, we will accompany you with any final questions that arise at the last moment when the purchase / sale contract will be signed. I will help in that critical moment of so much nerves by making sure everything goes smoothly and that your questions are answered.

 Over time, I have cultivated a network of trusted contacts within the sector to help and support you during the transaction process thanks to which I could recommend a good finance company, renovation companies, home inspectors, tax specialists / legal, insurance companies, etc.

That is my only purpose throughout the buying and selling process: to be on your side and defend your interests throughout the process.


I will assist and advise you all the way to the purchase of your home. But you may also have questions after the transaction has closed and you’ve settled into your new home. I am always available for you. Even if the operation was done several years ago!

My commitment is to find you the best house in the best location at the best price