Why do you need your own agent if you are buying real estate?


Finding a home is a time-consuming process, especially without the help of a real estate professional. Good real estate agents are experts at sorting through available properties to find homes that meet your needs. The agents belong to an MLS (Multiple Listing Service), which lists available properties by numerous search features, much more detailed and advanced than what the public has access to. This will save you time, as your agent can send you properties that specifically meet your needs, so you will not avoid having to look through all types of platforms and thus find everything that is available.

Closing knowledge

There are many details involved in buying a home. To manage all these details and eliminate possible mistakes when buying a house, it is better to rely on a professional.


Experienced real estate agents are experts in negotiating the best sale / purchase price for your future home. Efficient negotiation may mean signing a contract for your dream home ahead of other stakeholders. Agents can also recommend ways to increase your chances in competitive bidding situations and set expectations when they think the odds are not in your favor.

Benefits of Experience

An experienced agent will carefully analyze a property and detect potential problems, be it visible material defects or potential problems in resale.


Agents often have keys to published houses or have quick access to them. Can you imagine having to call all the home sellers you want to see, make the appointments, and try to be there when they are available to see them? Instead, the buyer's agent will allow you to coordinate schedules so you can visit many more homes at times that fit your availability.


A buyer's agent will work on your behalf, negotiate in your best interest, and alert you to potential difficulties in the transaction.

Market knowledge

An agent working for the buyer will help you formulate your offer based on recent sales and prices in the area. The more information you have, the more accurate and adjusted to the reality of the market will be your decision


My commitment is to find you the best house in the best location at the best price